'Fashion King' SNSD's Yuri Shines Regardless of the Drama

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 Every devoted viewer of the drama 'Fashion King' cannot get over the fact that the drama came to an end with the death of Yoo Ah In. Although many people are considering the drama as a failed project, there are several things that shined through regardless of the quality of the drama. Which are the shining actors in their twenties who have a bright future ahead of them.

Amongst them, Yuri of Girls' Generation, debuted as an actress in the drama 'Fashion King.’ Although it was her first time acting in a drama, her acting skills caught the attention of many in the industry. Known as the black pearl of Girls' Generation, she debuted with her full name Kwon Yuri and dove right in to the acting industry.

To be honest, the role of Anna in 'Fashion King' was a role that was hard to pull off for a newly debuted actress. From the character's age to her personality, nothing was easy about the role. However, Yuri pulled it off so well even from the first three minutes of her appearance in the drama. Yuri's presence was clearly announced and her endless potential could be clearly seen.

Anna was a character who worked from step 1 right up to the top with hard work and dedication. Even though Anna seems like a perfect and mannequin like character, there is an unexpected loneliness inside of her. Anna was a complicated character to express through acting especially for a newly debuted actress.

To add to the difficulty, Yuri had a kiss scene in almost every episode which much has been hard for Yuri as well as her fans. Even with all the troubles Yuri must have faced while filming the drama, she pulled off the character perfectly without any complaint.

Of course, there are many aspects of Yuri's acting that need to improve; however her potential shone through in the drama. Many predict that her acting career will be as successful as her singing career.

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