'Rooftop Prince' Park Yoochun & Han Ji Min are the Reason for the Drama's Success

The drama SBS 'Rooftop Prince' came to an end with a semi-happy ending. The drama 'Rooftop Prince' was about a Chosun Dynasty royalty Lee Gak (Park Yoochun), who time warped into the present time. The drama presented the viewers with various mysteries and Lee Gak's love story with Park Ha (Han Ji Min).

The sweet love story was what caught the attention of many viewers but as the story unveiled itself complicated issues began to rise in the drama. Even in the midst of all the drama, viewers paid close attention to the love story of Lee Gak and Park Ha, which was a major factor in the popularity rating of 'Rooftop Prince.’

Park Yoochun has had previous experience acting in a historical drama so he was able to pull off the role of Lee Gak without any major difficulty. Yoochun was charismatic and cute at the same time throughout the drama. Yoochun was highly successful in expressing the emotions of the character; that was helplessly in love.

Han Ji Min, also an incredible actress, is known for being able to taken on any type of role. She successfully pulled off playing two characters in the 'Rooftop Prince.’ First, Han Ji Min transformed into the bright and fresh Park Ha who expressed her unfailing love for Lee Gak that would have to go back to the Chosun Dynasty. Han Ji Min's act broke many hearts and brought tears to the viewer’s eyes.

Even when the plot of the drama seemed shaky and weak, Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min saved the day with their impressive acting skills. In the last episode for example, Lee Gak finds out Bu Yong intentionally ate the poisoned persimmons to save his life. The scene brought out a significant amount of emotion from the audience and became the highlight of the drama.

20 episodes of the 'Rooftop Prince' have been aired. Even though there were some shaky moments in the drama, Lee Gak and Park Ha's romance made up for it all. Overall the drama had ended happily which made the dedicated fans of the drama very content.

Rooftop Prince
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