'A Gentleman's Dignity' What's Going On Between CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun and Kim Ha Neul?

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Actress Kim Ha Neul sang CNBLUE’s song ‘Intuition’ and put a question mark in the viewers' heads.

During the 4th episode of SBS 'A Gentleman's Dignity' that aired on June 3, Kim Ha Neul lived up to her nickname 'romantic comdey queen' and became the character of Seo Yi Soo flawlessly. It was as though Kim Ha Neul was actually Seo Yi Soo. The scene featured Kim Ha Neul singing and dancing at the bar while slightly tipsy. The scene became an instant hit.

While Kim Ha Neul was drinking in the bar, CNBLUE's song 'Intuition' came on and she began to sing along to it. Later on, she leaves the bar and while still under the influence of alcohol, she begins to sing and dance in the streets. She sings out loud and begins to dance and brings laughter to the viewers.

'A Gentleman's Dignity' filming set is known for its happy atmosphere. It has been reported that Kim Ha Neul has helped CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun throughout the drama. As she is more experienced in the industry, Kim Ha Neul is reported to have guided Lee Jong Hyun, who is appearing in a drama for the very first time. Kim Ha Neul and Lee Jong Hyun have been a great team throughout the drama.

The episode of 'A Gentleman's Dignity' that aired on June 2, Lee Jong Hyun officially meets Kim Ha Neul while hitch hiking. Next week, there will be a scene where Lee Jong Hyun and Kim Ha Neul will meet in a club.

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