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Big Bang's G-Dragon Chooses His Favorite Hairstyle

June 10, 2012 08:00 PM EDT

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Big Bang's G-Dragon chooses favorite hairstyle / Credit: .

Singer and songwriter G-Dragon has been the nation's chosen fashionista. Is there a certain type of styling that this fashionista favors the most?

As seen on numerous surveys regarding best dresser, G-Dragon's name is always on the list. Whether on stage or out and about he is always seen in very avante-guard and fashion forward outfits.

Recently in Big Bang's 5th mini album, he shocked fans with his colorful long hair. It seems that G-Dragon can rock styles that others can't. Many other celebrities and comedians have been seen doing parodies of G-dragon's hair style.

After his colorful hair, their new MV called ‘Monster’ gained much attention due to his bright red hair resembling the devil. His blonde bob cut also caught the eyes of many viewers.

G-Dragon's various hairstyles never seemed to let down his fans anticipation for bolder and newer looks. Through his 7 years since debut, he has gone through hundreds of different hair styles. People wondered if there was a certain hairstyle that he loved the most.

He told OSEN that, "My best hairstyle was from my solo 1st album with the blonde bob cut."

He continued by saying, "This was the first time trying out blonde hair and it created a lot of attention. I liked how there were so many different ways you could style blonde hair. I felt that if I was going solo, I needed a look that was different from my Big Bang concept. I brought over all my costumes from Europe and Japan to go with my blonde hair. Personally, I feel that this was my favorite and best hairstyle."

G-dragon's group Big Bang recently released their special edition album ‘Still Alive’ and have been receiving much love even without doing any promotions. They are currently embarking on their Japan tour.

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