'A Gentleman's Dignity' The Mystery Behind CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun's Birth

In an episode of 'A Gentleman's Dignity' that was aired on June 9 showed CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun's powerful performance. During the episode, Collin (Lee Jong Hyun), rescued Im Me Ah Ri (Yoon Jin Yi) who was trapped the bathroom in a club.

Im Me Ah Ri kept yelling, 'Is anybody there? I'm trapped in here! Save me! The door is broken and I'm stuck! The door won't open! I'm so sorry but could you please call somebody that works here?' After hearing her call out for help, Collin says, 'Back away from the door as far as you can. You might get hurt.' and kicked down the bathroom door.

The character Collin was born in the United States and was brought up in Japan. There is a mystery behind his character regarding his birth. Collin notified his adoptive parents that he was running away to Korea to find his biological father.

Collin appears as a mysterious character that has made a powerful impact in the drama regardless of his short lines. Especially since his unexpected introduction to Kim Ha Neul, viewers began to predict the possibility of romance between the two and referred to Lee Jong Hyun as a hidden card of 'A Gentleman's Dignity.'

It has been reported that Lee Jong Hyun shows up at the set to watch other actors while they film in order to learn and adjust to the industry better.

Internet users who saw Lee Jong Hyun's acting, responded with comments like, 'Lee Jong Hyun's acting was good in the bathroom scene,’ 'He has a big impact in every scene he appears in', 'Will there be a love line between Collin and Im Me Ah Ri?'

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