'I Love Italy' Super Junior's Kim Kibum vs. Yang Jin Woo - Who Has The Better Six Pack?

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Super Junior’s Kim Kibum and Yang Jin Woo revealed their body to win over their love.

The recent episode of tvN drama 'I Love Italy', Super Junior member Kim Kibum and actor Yang Jin Woo revealed their sexy bodies to win over Park Ye Jin's love. It was the official beginning of a throw-down.

Still cuts from the scene were released prior to the airing of the episode. The photos show Kim Kibum and Yang Jin Woo topless and wearing swimming trunks about to jump in the water.

Yang Jin Woo has no idea that Kim Kibum won a gold medal for swimming in the juniors league when he was 14. Thinking he could win over Park Ye Jin's heart by challenging Kim Kibum, calls Kim Kibum out for a race.

Their topless bodies made all the girls' hearts throb as they showed off their perfectly muscular bodies and their sexy six-pack. It has even been reported that female staff and crew members couldn't take their eyes off of them on set when they were filming this scene.

The tvN drama 'I Love Italy' that features a 100 day love story of an heiress and a 14 year old boy trapped in a 25 year old body airs every Mondays and Tuesdays.

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