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INFINITE Returns With The Sophisticated & Well Executed Album 'Season 2'

By Adrienne Stanley | May 23, 2014 09:24 AM EDT


On May 21, INFINITE released the thirteen track studio album “Season 2”. “Season 2” is the second full-length album for INFINITE since the 2011 release “Over the Top”. “Over the Top” emphasized the vocal talents of the group as a whole, while “Season 2” explores various aspects of the qualities that help to set INFINITE apart from other K-Pop male groups. “Season 2” reflects the evolution of INFINITE by providing the opportunity for sub-groups INFINITE H and INFINITE F to contribute to the album.

The album opens with the self-titled instrumental track “Season 2” which seamlessly segues into “Last Romeo”. “Last Romeo” is the first single to be released from “Season 2” which is a soft rock take on the 80s styling of songs like “BTD (Before The Dawn)”. INFINITE channels the saccharine goodness of the Reagan Era through songs like "The Chaser",  in way that very few groups can. This is a distinguishing quality for the group, placing them on par with revival acts like Chromeo.

The lyrics for “Last Romeo” are fittingly dramatic with the opening lines “I don’t care if it’s poison, I will gladly take it/No other temptation can be sweeter or stronger than you” setting a dark tone.

“Follow Me” is an uptempo synth pop track whose soaring vocals make it a fitting soundtrack for a K-Drama or video game. The title “Rocinante” is a nod to the horse from the iconic novel “Don Quixote”. In the novel, Rocinante serves as an allegory for Don Quixote, who is considered to be irrelevant and past his prime. “Rocinante” is a dance song which reflects the tumultuous aspects of relationships, but could also speak to the obstacles that are faced by idols within the Korean entertainment industry.

“Breathe” is one of the most danceable and catchiest songs on “Season 2” with that sound that resembles “Paradise”. “Light”, an R&B solo by INFINITE leader Sunggyu, is unique from the 80s Brit pop sound that has defined the group.

INFINITE H departs from dance-influenced hip hop of their debut release“Special Girl” to deliver a solid smooth jam with “Alone”. “Alone” features lyrics that were written by hip hop artist Rphabet, as well as INFINITE H members Dongwoo and Hoya.

The pop rock song “Memories” is a standout track on the album, with instrumentation that is reminiscent of FTISLAND. “Memories” provides an opportunity for listeners to hear the maturity of INFINITE and how the group has transitioned from creating a single style of music.

“A Person Like Me” is a soaring and emotionally arresting ballad. The track is produced by J Yoon and contains some of the most complex harmonies on “Season 2”. The album then transitions to “Reflex” which like “Breathe” is a track which defines the complex musical styling of INFINITE.

INFINITE F, the latest sub-group within the INFINITE provides vocals for the infectious track “Going Crazy”. INFINITE F consists of L, Sungjong, and Sungyeol with production by indie artist Conan of Rocoberry. “Going Crazy” aids in rounding out the overall album.

Woohyun delivers a solo on “Close Your Eyes”, a track for which he is credited as the lyricist and composer. “Close Your Eyes” is a 90s R&B track that succinctly frames the tender vocals of Woohyun. “Season 2” reaches a conclusion with “Shower” which is very similar to “Destiny” in that the track incorporates aspects of current electronic dance with 80s synth pop and hip hop.



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