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'I Love Italy' Park Ye Jin & Super Junior's Kim Kibum - Fairy Tale First Kiss

June 21, 2012 03:09 PM EDT

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'I Love Italy' Park Ye Jin & Super Junior's Kim Kibum - Fairy Tale First Kiss / Credit: tvN

On an episode of tvN drama "I Love Italy" that was aired on the 19th of June featured Geum Eun Dong (Super Junior's Kim Kibum) hesitating on whether to choose to go back to his old life or to choose to remain as the 25 year old Hwang Min Soo.

During this episode, Geum Eun Dong decides to destroy the sundial completely after finding out about the evil scheme created by the vice-chairman of Lee Tae Ri's (Park Ye Jin) museum to get rid of Lee Tae Ri. The only reason Geum Eun Dong wanted to stop the vice-chairman's plan and to remain as the 25 year old Hwang Min Soo was for one single thing: his true love, Lee Tae Ri.

Geum Eun Dong began to remember many things from his life as a 14 year old; like his family who loves him to death and his life-long dream of becoming a professional swimmer. Regardless of the things he had to give up on, Geum Eun Dong decides to stay next to Lee Tae Ri to protect her. 

However, even after Geum Eun Dong's confession about his dedication, Lee Tae Ri becomes suspicious of his intentions since she is completely unaware that Hwang Min Soo will be turned back into the 14 year old Geum Eun Dong when the sundial gets fixed. Geum Eun Dong asks for permission to destroy the sundial but Park Ye Jin fails to understand and decides to leave Hwang Min Soo. 

Even after the break up, Lee Tae Ri goes back to Hwang Min Soo after seeing him prepare for her dead parents' ancestor rites ceremony as well as organizing a party on her birthday. After Hwang Min Soo proves his loyalty, their love story heats up and becomes more serious.

At the end of the episode, Lee Tae Ri confesses her true feelings to Hwang Min Soo and the two share their romantic-heart-beating first kiss.

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