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JYJ Junsu's 'Magical 100 Minute Gift' To Fans In Taiwan

June 25, 2012 01:00 PM EDT

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JYJ Junsu's 'Magical 100 Minute Gift' To Fans In Taiwan / Credit: .

On June 23 at 7 PM, JYJ's Junsu held a concert titled, "XIA 1st Asia Tour in Taiwan" at Taiwan University's Gymnasium. 

3,600 fans that packed the venue, cheered for Junsu despite the heat and the commotion. They followed Junsu's every movement with passionate support. During the concert, Taiwanese fans shouted "XIA", "Junsu" and "Oppa" continuously. Even before words spoken in Korean could be translated, fans already understood and responded in Korean as well. 

This concert was very similar to the stage used in Korea, along with the LED lights and displays. The greater stage presence presented in Taiwan and the cheering from fans did not fall behind concerts held in Korea. 

Junsu captivated Taiwanese fans with his successful live performance skills and powerful showmanship. Durin the 100 minutes, he performed ballads, musical numbers and even dance songs that were 100% live, showing off his charisma. From his opening act, "Breath" to his finale, "Fever," Taiwanese fans responded roaringly. When Junsu sang ballads, tears could be seen by touched fans. 

During the talking portion of the concert, Junsu prepared a greeting message in Chinese. A fun dialog occurred as fans responded to his message in Korean. Junsu thanked his fans saying, "Even though it has been a long time since I've visited Taiwan, thank you for all the love that everyone has given me. While preparing this album, I struggled a lot. But because I get to hold concerts where I am able to meet all my fans, I continuously think that releasing this album was a good thing. I am making a lot of good memories before I go back. Whether it is through JYJ or as XIA, I will certainly return to Taiwan."

Another segment of the concert was "Genie Time," where three wishes were fulfilled. Junsu winked, did 'bboo-ing bboo-ing', and showed 'Angel' Xia. A popular trend in Korea, 'bboo-ing bboo-ing' requested by Taiwanese fans shows how strong the hallyu movement is in Taiwan. Also, before showing the 'Angel' Xia expression, Junsu requested, "All males please close your eyes," which made audience members laugh. 

The most interesting aspect of this concert was the lack of discrimination of audience members. There was a wide variety of ages and both females and males attendance. A memorable moment was when Junsu requested, "Only the guys scream," during the concert. Not only the guys, but also girls projecting a lower man-like voice screamed, turning the concert venue into another sea of laughter. 

JYJ's agency stated, "After the last song, because of then encore requests by audience members, the radio consoles couldn't even be heard. We were shocked when the encore song, "Tree Covered In Dew" was sung in unison by all the Taiwanese fans with perfect Korean pronunciation."

Junsu revealed through his agency, "During a concert, I am able to feel the emotion of each song through the fan's reactions. The reaction and cheering from Taiwanese fans was the best. Because of them, I was able to deeply focus on each song," showing his gratitude towards his fans. 

After successfully releasing his solo album, Junsu is continuing his Asia tour. So far he has held concerts in Seoul, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan with 26,000 audience members. His fifth stop will be in China on July 7, 2012 with a scheduled concert in Shanghai. 

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