'Ghost' MBLAQ G.O. Praised For His Acting!

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Kwon Hae Hyo is an actor who is currently starring in the SBS drama 'Ghost' along with idol group MBLAQ's G.O., who plays the character of a detective named Lee Tae Gyun. Regarding G.O's attitude and acting, Kwon Hae Hyo commented, 'G.O. has a very good attitude. Even though he is from a very successful idol group, he doesn't act like a super star and is very dedicated and hard working. Even when he's exhausted, he makes sure to not show it and is always enthusiastic about learning something new.'

Kwon Hae Hyo also said, 'Even on the TV screen, you can see the level of his dedication' and continued to praise G.O.G.O. has been showing his naturally talented acting skills in his first acting role in the drama 'Ghost' and has been impressing a lot of people in the industry. 

During G.O's interview, he was questioned about who guides him the most while filming 'Ghost'. G.O's reply was, 'Every single actor treats me with a lot of respect and takes care of me so well but out of all the actors, I have the most scenes with actor Kwon Hae Hyo and naturally, he guides me the most. I'm able to act naturally and comfortably because the older and more experienced actors help me so much' and expressed his gratefulness towards Kwon Hae Hyo.

A member of the production crew of the drama 'Ghost' revealed, 'During the filming of the drama, it is very common to see Kwon Hae Hyo giving G.O advice about his scenes and G.O practicing according to Kwon Hae Hyo's instructions.'

Meanwhile, the drama 'Ghost' that features stars like So Ji Sup, Lee Yeon Hee, Kwon Hae Hyo and MBLAQ's G.O, is about the detectives in a Cyber Investigation Unit who in in the midst of a hunt-down of a complicated multi-murder case. SBS 'Ghost' is aired every Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

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