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Co-Ed K-Pop The Next Big Thing? SM Subsidiary BALJUNSO To Debut New Mixed Gender Group

By Staff Writer | July 12, 2014 04:38 PM EDT


It appears that SM Entertainment will be trying something new out. 

In February, SM Entertainment partnered with the indie label BALJUNSO, and it now seems that the venture has paid off to lead to something interesting. This July, BALJUNSO's latest group will debut, named Play The Siren. While Play The Siren's indie style will surely be interesting, it is the fact that the group is co-ed that is making many people in Korea wonder whether SM's latest venture will pay off.

With two female members and three male members in Play The Siren, the group will be able to offer a wide range of sounds in order to create something that SM is calling "urban music."

But it may also be cursed with the same curse that every other co-ed group in K-Pop history has had. The two most popular ones were Sunny Hill and Co-Ed, both of which have been reformed so that they are all only filled with one gender- Sunny Hill's male member has withdrawn to focus on producing music, while Co-Ed split up int0 5Dolls and SPEED. 

Entertainment companies tend to stay away from co-ed concepts.

There have been several other attempt at creating co-ed idol groups, but the concept isn't extremely appealing to fans, who tend to become fans of groups primarily due to romantic crushes. By having both genders in one group, it diminishes the idea that idols belong to their fans. Instead, the audience may very well imagine that there are romantic relationships in the group, which would be offputting to many fans.

Romantic relationships are also a risk of the groups, since most idols are young at the time of debut. Spending a lot of time together with members of the opposite gender may lead to issues that K-Pop has yet to deal with, such as an idol pregnancy. 

Yet another problem is the interpersonal relationships. Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, or so the saying goes. So imagine being put into an idol group, with grueling, strenuous conditions, and have to try to keep up with the other gender. The situation is extremely stressful, so most entertainment companies try to stay away from putting their idols into this situation.

Of course, there are several groups that have been succesful as mixed groups. Ballad group 8Eight and synthopop group Clazziquai Project are both co-ed, but they're not exactly idol groups.

Play The Siren's first video teaser for "Dream Drive" will be released on July 17.

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