'Unexpected You' CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk Breaks Up With Oh Yeon Seo

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During the 38th episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Unexpected You" that was aired on July 1st featured Cha Se Gwang (CNBLUE member Kang Min Hyuk) breaking up with Bang Mal Sook (Oh Yeon Seo) once again.

When Bang Jung Bae (Kim Sang Ho) finds out about Cha Se Gwang and Bang Mal Sook's relationship, he indirectly tells Se Gwang to end the relationship. Knowing the disapproval of their relationship from both familes, Cha Se Gwang tells Bang Mal Sook, "Can't do this anymore. My sister says she really hates you. She probably hasn't said anything to you in person but when she begins to hate somebody, that hate lasts forever" to come up with an excuse for the breakup.

Emotionally hurt after hearing the comment, Bang Mal Sook replies, "Okay, let's just end it. Every single time you broke up with me, I shot myself down so low to get you back but I don't even know why I did that. I know I won't die from this breakup. Let's end it. The end."

On her way home, Bang Mal Sook runs into Cha Yun Hee (Kim Nam Joo) and explodes at the thought of her family. Bang Mal Sook yells out, "You hate me right? I hate you too! I hate you the most out of everybody in the whole world!" 

Ironically, Cha Yun Hee was leaving her house after hearing from Bang Il Sook (Yang Jung Ah) that Bang Mal Sook wanted to be close to her. Cha Yun Hee had decided to be nice to Bang Mal Sook when they run into each other. After Bang Mal Sook explodes on Cha Yun Hee and crosses the line, it is only a mystery as to how their relationship will turn out.

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