'Time Slip Dr. Jin' JYJ Kim Jaejoong's Nap Time With Jin Yi Han

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Recently, Jaejoong, a member of K-Pop idol group JYJ, revealed a set of photos on his official Facebook page. The photos were from behind the scenes of MBC's weekend drama, "Time Slip Dr. Jin".

One of the photos revealed Jaejoong taking a nap in his car with actor Jin Yi Han which revealed their level of closeness. Another photo showed Jaejoong straightening up his costume with a very serious look on his face while another photo revealed Jaejoong and Jin Yi Jan's duel. Finally, the last photo showed Jaejoong taking a break while sitting on a tiny rock.

People in the online community who saw Jaejoong's photos responded with comments like, "Jaejoong and Jin Yi Han must really be close", "Jaejoong is so amazing in the drama" and etc. 

Meanwhile, the episode of MBC's "Time Slip Dr. Jin" that was aired on July 1st featured Hong Young Hwee (Jin Yi Han) leading the revolution against Kim Kyung Tak's (Jaejoong) father's authority. With the star of the revolution, Kim Kyung Tak and Hong Young Hwee's friendship that began when they were children was completely torn apart.

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