Korean Rock Recall

Korean indie newcomers Reasco

Korean Rock Recall: Reasco Relive The Best Of '90s Alternative Rock On 'In The Night' [VIDEO]

Reviews 10.08.15 | 08:28PM EDT

Reasco's 2014 single "In The Night" pays tribute to the classic 1990s indie rock sound pioneered by bands like Dinosaur Jr., Nirvana and Teenage Fanclub.

The cover of Yellow Monsters' 2014 album,

Korean Rock Recall: Yellow Monsters Rocket Through A Dizzying Array Of Genres On 2014's 'Commie' [VIDEO]

Reviews 08.19.15 | 11:14AM EDT

Korean hard rockers Yellow Monsters make it clear that they're no one-trick ponies on their 2014 track "Commie."

The modern punk rockers in Afro Maria.

Korean Rock Recall: Afro Maria Offer A Unique Take On Punk Rock With Their 2013 Debut Single 'Dog' [VIDEO]

Reviews 07.08.15 | 04:16PM EDT

On their 2013 debut single "Dog, Afro Maria emerge from the constraints of their musical style to reveal their own melodic version of punk rock with a sound that is as distinctive as it is engaging.

The fashionable members of Hologram Film.

Korean Rock Recall: Raise Your Fist In The Air For Hologram Film's Thrill-A-Minute 2014 Track 'Return' [VIDEO]

Reviews 07.20.15 | 04:18PM EDT

On their 2014 song "Return," South Korean electronic rock band Hologram Film unleash a sonic onslaught that doesn't let up.

The anti-rock stars of The Peppertones.

Korean Rock Recall: The Peppertones Push Their Sound To The Far Reaches Of The Universe On 2014's 'Solar System Super Stars' [VIDEO]

Reviews 07.02.15 | 09:21AM EDT

On their rocking single "Solar System Super Stars, released in August, South Korean rock band The Peppertones show that you don't have to dress up to rock out.

The cover of HEO's 2014 album

Korean Rock Recall: The Intricate Details Come Together To Create Something Special On HEO's 2014 Track 'Luna' From The 'Structure' Album [VIDEO]

Reviews 06.18.15 | 06:12PM EDT

On their 2014 song "Luna," electronic rock band HEO shows how unusual uses of noise and rhythm can make all the difference.

The reclusive and sinister mastermind of Infinite Hatred.

Korean Rock Recall: Relive The All-Out Assault Of Infinite Hatred's 2004 Track 'Forest Of Black Shadows' [AUDIO]

Reviews 05.15.15 | 11:58AM EDT

On the raging 2004 musical missive "Forest Of Black Shadows" Korean one-man black metal band Infinite Hatred seek to destroy all good will, but create some compelling music in the process.

The young punks of Rux.

Korean Rock Recall: Reliving The Rebellion Rock Of Rux's 2009 Release 'Eternal Kids' [VIDEO]

Reviews 04.09.15 | 04:32PM EDT

On their 2009 single "Eternal Kids," Korean street punk band Rux explored a sound that, while familiar to some, represented something much more significant to a whole generation of young music fans.

Han Hee Jung in light and shadow.

Korean Rock Recall: The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts On Bluedawn Singer Han Hee Jeong's 2013 Release 'Soil' [VIDEO]

Reviews 03.20.15 | 04:21PM EDT

On her 2013 single "Soil," Bluedawn vocalist Han Hee Jeong showed how a few small ideas can come together to make a big impact.

Galaxy Express performs at SXSW 2014

Korean Rock Recall: Galaxy Express Prove The Best Rock 'N' Roll Is Primitive On Their 2013 Track 'Horongbul' [VIDEO]

Reviews 03.06.15 | 05:32PM EST

On their crushing 2013 single "Horongbul," power trio Galaxy Express prove that you don't need any fancy electronic gadgetry to get the job done.

The dance-rock diplomats of Rock 'N' Roll Radio.

Korean Rock Recall: Exploring The Dance-Rock Fusion Of Rock 'N' Roll Radio's 2013 Single 'Shut Up And Dance' [VIDEO]

Reviews 02.06.15 | 05:23PM EST

On 2013's "Shut Up And Dance," Rock 'N' Roll Radio present a happy marriage between rock fury and dance energy.

Dionysus, seen here hitting the slopes.

Korean Rock Recall: The Excess and Ecstasy Of Metal Band Dionysus's 1989 Instrumental 'Legend of Darkness' [AUDIO]

Reviews 12.29.14 | 06:10PM EST

Dionysus may have been Korea's first neoclassical metal band and on "Legend of Darkness," they weren't afraid to shred.


Korean Rock Spotlight: Pyha Jang's Latest Project Project Gonguri Keep It Slow And Low On 'Unwanted Man' [AUDIO]

Reviews 11.21.14 | 11:32PM EST

Gonguri, a doom metal band that emerged this year from Seoul, see how slow they can go on "Unwanted Man" from their debut cassette.


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