GFRIEND’s back with OST for “Pokemon the Movie”

Headlines 12.13.16 | 09:23PM EST

GFRIEND's back with cuteness overload with the pocket monsters of Pokemon.

GFRIEND to sing one of the OSTs in 'Pokemon the Movie'.

GFRIEND's teaser for Pokemon The Movie song "Pikachingu" released

Headlines 11.23.16 | 11:14AM EST

Surely there will be a cuteness overload as GFRIEND teamed up for the Korean release of 'Pokemon the Movie' as they'll sing one of the OSTs for the well-loved animation.


Report: Pokemon Go Looks ‘Incredibly Promising,’ To Overshadow ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon?’

Trending News 05.03.16 | 12:29AM EDT

Pokemon Go made massive gameplay changes to the usual Pokemon game.


Nintendo NX Release Date Coming Next Year? ‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ To Be Launched For Console?

Trending News 04.26.16 | 09:12PM EDT

The Nintendo NX release date is said to be coming next year, in 2017.


‘Pokémon’ Live Action: Movie Rights At Stake?

Trending News 04.18.16 | 09:11PM EDT

Recently, there has been talk of making "Pokémon" into a live action film.


‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Updates: New Starter Pokemon, Two Legendary Pokemon To Be Revealed Next Month!

Trending News 04.14.16 | 02:32AM EDT

It's confirmed! Magearna, the new mythical Pokemon, is Steel and Fairy type! And fans may possibly see it in "Pokemon Sun and Moon!"


‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Rumors: Fire And Water Set As Last Two Ultimate Gym Pokemon Types?

Trending News 04.07.16 | 11:52PM EDT

The Fire and Water Gym Leaders will symbolize Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Pokemon GO Leak: Collecting Unique Shards Necessary For Pokemon Evolution?

Trending News 04.05.16 | 12:03AM EDT

If true, the gameplay for Pokemon Go will cost gamers a lot of money!

Pokemon GO

‘Pokémon GO!’ Release Date Coming This Year; Game To Feature Microtransactions?

Trending News 04.01.16 | 10:29PM EDT

The "Pokémon GO!" release date will be happening this year. What is still unknown, though, is when exactly it will be.


‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Updates: New Gameplay To Include New Unlockable, Useable Vehicles?

Trending News 03.27.16 | 03:35PM EDT

From running shoes to bicycle to skateboard and now, useable vehicle for "Pokemon Sun and Moon?"


Steiff Pikachu Plush Toy Worth More Than $350 Has Only 1000 Units Up For Sale

Trending News 12.09.15 | 08:15AM EST

Cute and luxurious. Here Comes the designer plushie.

Pokemon Happy Meal

Pokemon Happy Meal Toys Coming This November, They Have The Secret To The Hoopa Pokemon

Trending News 11.03.15 | 11:21PM EST

Gotta collect them all!

Pokemon Merchandise

Pokemon Butt Merchandise Are Oddly Cute And Only Available In Japan

Trending News 09.30.15 | 10:30PM EDT

Bottoms are cute too.


'2015 Pokemon World Championships' To Be Held Next Week, Who Will Be Crowned The Pokemon Master?

Trending News 08.12.15 | 01:02PM EDT

It's time to be the very best.


‘Stack The Pickachus’ Game Is Something Out Of A Pokemon Episode, Just Don’t Wake The Snorlax

Trending News 08.03.15 | 10:35PM EDT

Ther eare more Pikachus to go around.

Game Freak Inc Announces Its Next Game

Pokken Confirmed In The Works As Nintendo Looks To Develop The Pokemon And Tekken Crossover Game Soon

Trending News 12.31.14 | 08:42AM EST

Japanese video game developer that currently create games mainly for Nintendo, Game Freak Inc; is renowned within the video game industry for developing the Pokemon series of role-playing video games.

‘Pokemon’ Trainer Is The New Job Title Of ‘Frozen’ Cast Members! See Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, And Hans With Articuno, Pidgeot, And More! [PHOTOS]

Trending News 11.07.14 | 05:44PM EST

Talented artist Isaiah Stephens' drawings portray the "Frozen" cast members as "Pokemon" trainers.

Pokemon X And Y Anime To Take Hiatus September 11 Before Mega Evolution Episode: New Trademark Unveiled!

Trending News 07.26.14 | 11:46AM EDT

As September approaches, the Pokemon X and Y will reportedly be taking a break on a very important day.

Fans Mock Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Remake Rumors Following Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Release Date Announcement

Trending News 07.24.14 | 08:57AM EDT

Fans Mock Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Remake Rumors Following Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Release Date Announcement

Watch Diancie Anime Special Before Pokemon X And Y Movie 'Diancie & The Cocoon Of Destruction' Release Date!

Trending News 07.18.14 | 08:58AM EDT

The Pokemon X and Y movie is about to release in Japan, and now fans can catch the anime special featuring Diancie before the premiere!

New Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Trailer Details Super Secret Base [VIDEO]: Watch The Hoenn Anime Series Before The New Mega Evolutions

Trending News 07.15.14 | 09:43AM EDT

A new Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire trailer has been unveiled, and now fans can fawn over the Super Secret Base function.

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