VOISPER is one of the new boy groups that you should check out.

Fresh faces: Three little-known boy groups who debuted in 2016

Reviews 12.06.16 | 01:09PM EST

The year 2016 is one for new entrants in the K-Pop world. Take time to know these three boy groups!

Boy Groups Debut That Deserves More Recognition: 100%, Vromance, Voisper, KNK

Boy Groups debuts that deserve more recognition: 100%, Vromance, Voisper, KNK

Trending News 11.15.16 | 12:57PM EST

Boy groups debut that totally deserves more recognition for their awesome debut songs: 100%, Vromance, Voisper, KNK.

Nu'est releases Daybreak music video

New Music Video Releases This Week

Trending News 10.07.16 | 05:07AM EDT

New music videos released for this week. Nu'est, High4 20, MC The Max. Voisper and SF9 all released new music videos.


'Music Bank' Highlights: Mamamoo Win #1 On The March 18, 2016 Episode + Performance Recaps

Headlines 03.18.16 | 07:45PM EDT

Mamamoo wins their eighth first place trophy during the March 18 episode of 'Music Bank.'

Taemin wins

'M! Countdown' Highlights: Taemin Wins #1 And Defeats Mamamoo On The March 3, 2016 Episode + Performance Recaps

Headlines 03.04.16 | 08:48AM EST

SHINee's Taemin wins third trophy during the March 3 episode of 'M! Countdown.'

G-Friend wins

SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-up: G-Friend Win #1 On The February 28, 2016 Episode

Headlines 02.29.16 | 09:07AM EST

G-Friend ends the week of music shows with another trophy win on the February 28 episode of 'Inkigayo.'

Taemin and Cosmic Girls

Spectacular Performances From SHINee's Taemin, Cosmic Girls, Mamamoo, And More During The February 27 Episode of MBC's 'Music Core'

Headlines 02.28.16 | 12:08PM EST

Great performances from several of your favorite K-pop stars.

SS301 wins

SS301 Take 1st Win For 'Pain' On This Week's Episode Of 'The Show'

Headlines 02.24.16 | 10:54AM EST

The trio prove they still have the star power with their return nearly six years.


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