Dec 05, 2011 | 20:39 PM EST

Jae-bum Lim, First Mention of Dad: "The reason I can only call him 'Father'…"

Rock-and-roll's daddy, Jae-bum Lim, appeared on the program On a Roll which will air on the 6th. He drew attention on the show by speaking about his father for the first time and revealing that he has a "secret regarding [his] birth."

Jae-bum's father is former MBC announcer, Taek-geun Lim, who garnered huge popularity in the past. Celebrity, Ji-chang Song, Jae-bum's half-brother and this was the first time he mentioned his father on air.

On this day, when asked by MC, Seung-woo Kim, "Do you keep in contact with your father?" he answered, "There's no contact." Then he added, "In the past, my father got in an accident and the lower half of his body became paralyzed. Then not too long ago he had a gallstone operation and had a difficult time. I think it's time that I went to see him." In this way, Jae-bum began to talk openly about his complicated feelings toward his father.

He then admitted, "I've never called my father, 'dad!' I still awkwardly call him 'father.'" He openly revealed the deep emotions he had about his father, moving all his listeners to pity.

Besides that, Jae-bum holds onto the deep scar attributed to his father and when asked, "What type of father do you want to be for your daughter?" he drew much attention by answering, "I want to be a father who is like a friend."

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