Dec 20, 2016 | 11:17 AM EST

Acclaimed actor Jang Hyun-Sung return to theater in the movie ‘Curtain Call’

Jang Hyun-Sung, a renown actor in the movies and dramas return to theater in his new movie “Curtain Call.” He played the role as a director of a theater company

According to official release from Jang’s agency YG Entertainment, the film showed the deep understanding of Jang of the theater, as he began his career in the theater performance. The comedy drama is written and directed by Ryu-Hoon who is able to blend a hilarious comedy element and serious drama into the movie. This is his second project as a director and fourth one as scriptwriter.

“Curtain Call” was premiered on Dec. 8 and played in in 80 movie theaters across Korea. In its second week, according to Korean Film Council, the movie has accumulated total 5,300 admission and grossing $32,803 as of the data compied by Dec.19. The drama ranked 4th in the last week’s admission among Korean movies after “Obedience,” "Moo-hyun, the Story of Two Cities" and “Derailed.

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In “Curtain Call” the 46-year actor starred as a Min-Ki, a director of theater company with the same name. The company is known for its erotic drama and currently having financial crisis. In order to escape from the financial problem, Min-Ki decided to play a serious performance.

He planned to put on a performance of Shakespeare drama “Hamlet” in his company. He approached a drama producer Chul-Goo to produce the production. However, many complications arose and bring hilarious scene to the movie.

Actor Park Chul-Min is cast as the producer Chul-Goo. While other supporting casts are veteran actor Jeon Moo-Song and Chae Seo-Jin.

Recently, Jang also played in the MBC drama “Woman with a Suitcase” playing the antagonist lawyer Lee Dong-Soo. Jang is known for his role as antagonist in many dramas and movies. In tvN drama “Signal” he played a corrupted police comissioner, also in the 2015 KBS political drama “Assembly” as a sly politician Baek Do-Hyun.

This time, Jang exhibited his acting skill in comedy movie “Curtain Call.” Watch the trailer of the movie below:

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