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Jun 07, 2017 | 15:22 PM EDT

The True Relationship Between Girls' Generation's Minzy And Hyoyeon Unveiled

There is no doubt that Girls' Generation's Minzy and Hyoyeon are two of the most popular K-pop idols not only in South Korea but throughout the world as well. This is because they are undoubtedly very talented when it comes to dancing and singing. Their charm and pretty vibes just seem to flood us with unimaginable positive vibes throughout the day. Now, reports are coming in that reveals the true relationship between the two K-pop divas.

According to Soompi, the two K-pop idols have a huge respect for each other. This revelation happened during the June 5 episode of the hit talk show of JTBC entitled, "Abnormal Submit." In the show were Girls' Generation's Minzy and Hyoyeon.

In the program, the two were asked if they acknowledge a certain part of each other. Surprisingly, the two says that they always end up noticing each other because they work together and are part of the same group. However, they also wanted to imply that they have a strong connection with each other.

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Hyoyeon says that she recently saw the freestyle dancing of Minzy and she can say that she really did a lot of practice because of the gracefulness that she exhibited while dancing. Hyoyeon also says that it is a little bit challenging to do a freestyle dance if you don't always practice dancing. And with it, she says that Minzy was able to do that effortlessly, without any sign of slowing down while she was dancing.

Minzy then says that she loved all of the dance videos of Hyoyeon before she became a trainee in YG Entertainment. Minzy then says that she once wanted to become like Hyoyeon. She even said to herself at one point in her life that she always watched her videos.

According to Koogle, Minzy then reveals that Hyoyeon is her motivation. With this, one can clearly see that the two Girls' Generation members have a huge respect for each other. It also shows that they help each other become better. Well, that's really what being a group member all is about. It's about teamwork, dedication, and pure passion.

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