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Jun 15, 2017 | 13:28 PM EDT

JYP Entertainment to Take Legal Action Against Ilbe User Who Threatened to Kill TWICE's Mina

JYP Entertainment will not sit back and let haters give threats against their prized girl group TWICE. The agency will be responding strongly to the Ilbe user who threatened to kill Mina.

The Ilbe user will be facing legal consequences for the threat she made against TWICE's Mina, as reported by allkpop. JYP Entertainment announced that will be responding strongly against the Ilbe user.

"Following discussion with our legal team about the Ilbe user who posted a threat against TWICE's Mina on June 13, we're announcing it's a policy that we'll be responding strongly," revealed JYP Entertainment. The agency has also decided to do the same for similar future cases as well.

On Tuesday, June 13, a user on Ilbe uploaded a picture on the site that featured the user's hand and a large kitchen knife. The caption on the photo said that the user would kill TWICE's Mina if she does not slap her boyfriend.

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Fans who love TWICE saw the post and immediately reported it to the police. Since then, the Ilbe user deleted the post and even posted a hand-written apology, reported Soompi.

In the user's hand-written note, she pointed out how she uploaded the post without thinking of the consequences. The user explained that she did not think about how it would make TWICE's Mina, and the rest of the girl group, feel.

"I would like to ask for forgiveness as I pathetically apologize to Mina and TWICE's fans after belatedly realizing that this resulted in great shock," said the Ilbe user. Also in another post, the Ilbe user explained how she did not have any intention of truly hurting the TWICE member.

It was identified later on that the Ilbe user was actually a "sasaeng" fan of TWICE's Mina. "Sasaengs" are overly obsessive fans who would do anything and everything for their idols to notice them.

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