Jun 14, 2017 | 17:21 PM EDT

Jay Park A Target For Racism In The U.S.A?

It seems that Korean people aren't accepted in the American media just yet. Famous rapper Jay Park had became a target of racism after his photo was posted on an official NBA website. 

Unfortunately, within minutes of the photo being posted, many ignorant comments appeared such as, "Is he Kim Jong Un cousin?'', ''Who is that dog eater?", "Who cares about Kpop anyway?", "Who's this Kpooop?" and "He needs a gym member ship and a steak."

International fans were in a complete rage after seeing such hate towards the famous singer who was simply enjoying a basketball game. Many came to his defense, with one fan posting, "Anyone who doesn't know. Jay Park is a Korean Rapper and RnB singer who was raised in America. He's also the CEO of his own independent hip-hop label AOMG. And yes he's famous. Just because some of you don't know him doesn't make him a nobody," explained one fan. 

However, Jay Park didn't let the haters see him sweat as he posted the following:

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