Jul 10, 2017 | 10:08 AM EDT

EXO KAi's Teaser Images Spark Controversy With Caribbean Concept

EXO's Kai has been recently teasing for their comeback "Ko Ko Bop." However, some fans have interesting comments regarding his looks - particularly his dreads.

Their new title "Ko Ko Bop" is the title song to the boys' 4th full album 'The War.' The title means to 'bop' along to 'ko ko', and it'll be a dance song to enjoy the summer heat with. In the teasers, Kai is shown enjoying the sunshine on an island and sporting exotic, floral print shirts and well-done dreads. The dreads received mixed reviews - both negative and positive comments from netizens. 

Fans commented saying how, "handsome our Kai is," and "he looks perfect in any concept." Even one fan commented, "Half of my family has dreadlocks and I think Kai looks incredible in them. I am from the Caribbean and we have Black Jamaicans, Chinese Jamaicans, Indian Jamaicans, you name it. And all of them can wear dreadlocks if they wish."

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However, some fans were annoyed by the fact that K-Pop was appropriating cultures, yet again, for their concepts. Similar to the Pepsi ad controversy involving GOT7's Jackson, fans felt upset that after such problems revolving around culture appropriation that they would make EXO members assimilate that. 

However, fans backed up the saying that dreads aren't necessarily owned by one culture and have been dated back as far as the Egyptian period and late in history. Fans praised Kai for bringing back an old world style into today's trends. What do you think of the style? A hairdo or hair don't?

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