Jul 18, 2017 | 19:36 PM EDT

This Korean Rapper Fights Another Citizen Due To Drunk Driving Accident

There has been a reporter of a popular rapper from Korean rap-survival show "Show Me The Money" involved in another drunk driving accident again. However, this time things became a little more heated as the rapper tried to physically engage with the other driver.

Rapper Jung Sang Soo was caught on a CCTV camera on July 18th around 3:00 am entering his vehicle while under the influence. While trying to leave from the location, it seems a driver almost collides with his car causing him to exit the vehicle and try to confront the other driver.

The video shows the local police trying to assess the situation and defuse the argument. However, rapper Jung Sang Soo continued to get edgy and physical even with the police. You can view the shocking video footage captured by CCTV down below.

It was also reported that earlier this month Jung Sang Soo was involved in another fight at a drinking establishment with a man requesting a photo. He has also been booked for getting in a fight back in April. Fans commented their disgust with the rappers distasteful attitude. Comments were as simple as "#Mess."

How do you feel about Jung Sang Soo's misbehavior? Is it getting out of hand or is the media the one making it worse?

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