Aug 21, 2017 | 18:50 PM EDT

G-Dragon Receives This Wild Gift On His Birthday From A Fan

Over the weekend, hit singer and leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon had celebrated his 29th birthday. Fans had made his birthday celebration known and made him trending worldwide on Twitter on the 18th. However, one fan out did the rest with one wild gift

One crazy fan actually got G-Dragon a lion for his birthday! Well - they at least adopted one in his name! The fan had sent G-Dragon a Twitter notification with a photo to the site and official certification of his ownership over the lion.

They specifically adopted the Enesikiria Pride of the Maasai Mara under G-Dragon's name. The reason fans chose a lion is that G-Dragon's star sign (horoscope/zodiac) is a Leo. Due to the fans post spreading awareness, many other fans have joined in and are showing support for his lion as well.

What do you think of G-Dragon's lavish new gift? Hopefully, he will pay the lion a visit soon!

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