Aug 24, 2017 | 16:38 PM EDT

Was The Murder of Song Seon Mi's Husband Planned? Murderer Reveals His Thoughts

On August 21st, actress Song Seon Mi's husband was murdered and stabbed to death. Now, an airing of MBC's 'Real Story Eye' spoke with the murdered on August 24th and aired whether or not the murderer planned the attack, what were his motives, and his thoughts on the crime.

After murdering Mr. Ko (age 48), Mr. Cho was arrested 3 days after and remained silent while avoiding the press. However, when questioned if the attack was premeditated and planned, Mr. Cho simply responded, "No" and then said, "I'm Sorry" when asked his feelings. 

The police seem to believe he had no motive but investigated Mr. Cho's background and revealed personal information about his life and current status. ''We have confirmed that he has purchased the knife at a market on the day of the crime. He is not a part of a gang. He's just a regular person. He's currently unemployed." Netizens felt his unemployment may have had something to do with it.

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However, a specialist had stated otherwise. "Cho is messing with his words on purpose. He's pretending to have a mental illness to hide the true insides of the crime. It's a 100% a planned murder. The malicious intent is there when he purchased the knife." 

Mr. Cho is currently being held under investigation and undergoing further trial. His sentence will be served once police complete their investigation and gather more information. Actress Song Seon Mi is still in shock, mourning, arranging funeral plans and has yet to come forward to the press. Stay tuned for more updates.

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