Aug 24, 2017 | 17:33 PM EDT

ARMY's Are Demanding Target Sell BTS Products?

If you're a fan of Twitter and Target, then you know how hilariously active the company is on social media. Now, ARMY (BTS' fandom) have taken to Twitter to request Target sell BTS products.

There is a Twitter account called 'AskTarget' which allows other users to ask Target questions about their products, sales, releases, stores and even make requests. One fan sent in her request for everything and anything BTS related - especially albums! 

The initial tweet was quoted with "@AskTarget Can you guys stock @BTS_twt albums? U.S. fans want to pre-order next month! @bts_bighit #BTSinTarget @samantha_alaimo". The retailer responded, "These "Fun Boys" are on "Fire" now. We'll share your request to carry their albums with our buyers. Thanks for tweeting your request!"  Fans have been sharing both the question and the response like crazy!

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Fans are anticipating the good news to actually see BTS albums stocked on local store shelves. However, they won't be the first K-Pop idols to have albums sold in the U.S in American retailers. The Wonder Girls were one of the first K-Pop groups to have their 'Nobody' albums sold in an American distributor such as LimitedToo, Claire's and Justice.

Are you excited to possibly see an entire K-Pop idol aisle in Target sometime? For now, let's cross our fingers for BTS and make the first step! Stay tuned for updates.

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