Aug 28, 2017 | 13:32 PM EDT

This Idol Is In Trouble For Using 'V-Live' While Drunk & Cursing At Viewers

We all know the saying, "Everybody in the clubs getting tipsy," but it seems a member of MAMAMOO was doing in on 'V-Live' instead. 

During the weekend, MAMAMOO member Whee In had decided to hold a live broadcast on the popular app 'V-Live,' where many fans communicate on a personal level with their favorite idols. Whee In, however, happened to be drunk during the late night broadcasting a left some messages with lots of curses.

The idol was seen posting messages with slang such as 'Mother Pumpkin' in place for 'Mother Fxxker' and even saying the 'F' word and 'S*it' in numerous messages. She even began to complain about the group's leader and their opinions saying she will make a gun and shoot them.

She even started to discuss the fun in drinking and mentioning her love of makgeolli (rice wine). This bothered fans and viewers as they know many younger fans watch and look up to the popular idol group MAMAMOO.

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After the broadcast and clearing her thoughts, Whee In immediately posted an apology and stated she became too comfortable with her fans and viewers ever since they appeared on a TV program about drinking with idols. The letter stated,

"Hello, it's Wheein.

I am very sorry about having to leave a note so late at night. I was curious how our fans were spending a fun weekend, and I wanted to converse with them, so I opened up V App Channel+'s chat and began a live broadcast. I made verbal mistakes during that time. First I want to say I am sorry. It was my fault for not understanding a word's meaning correctly.

Although I may be an adult, I talked about having a drink where underage fans could have also been tuning in. Since we just recently showed ourselves drinking during a video called 'DrinkingMaMoo', I thought of it too easily. I am writing this even though it is late, to convey my apologies to the fans who were disappointed by my careless actions.

I will work harder to become Wheein who thinks more deeply and carefully from now on. I am very sorry."

How do you feel and what do you think of Whee In's actions and her apology? 

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