Aug 29, 2017 | 17:23 PM EDT

Photos Show Rookie K-Pop Group Copying VIXX's Concept

With VIXX becoming one of K-Pop's more popular groups, it is no surprise to find rookie groups being influenced by them. However, things got out of hand when one newly debuted K-Pop boy group was caught copying their concept completely.

A boy group by the name of B.I.T was accused and found guilty of copying VIXX's first full album concept back in 2013 for 'Jekyll' for their debut album 'Why.' Both of the album covers bare shockingly similar images as it showcases the members shirtless, highlighting their broad chests and shoulders on a grayscale background centered on the album cover.

Upon seeing the album covers, fans immediately expressed their displeasure in the new rookie groups blatant plagiarism. Fans stated, "Wow, that's so wrong", "I have nothing to say because they are the exact same", "Is VIXX their concept?", "This is too similar..." How do you feel about the obvious concept stealing?

 Although the boy group hasn't made their official debut yet, they have already released a song called "Special Love" you can hear down below.

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