Sep 01, 2017 | 23:00 PM EDT

'Show Me The Money 6' Announce Their Winner

'Show Me The Money 6' has been filled with nothing but talented rappers and great performances. With the show concluding its sixth season, the winner has finally been announced!

In the end rapper Hangzoo was chosen as the winner! While he went up against Nucksal in the final performance, it was clear from the judges' faces and the crowds cheers that Hangzoo would take home the gold! View the winning performance down below!

It was reported that Nucksal beat Hangzoo by receiving 5.2 million KRW at first! Hangzoo received 4.8 million KRW and fans felt Nucksal had the award already in his hands. However, due to his stellar performance, Hangzoo gained more votes from the audience at the event and came out victorious! He even cried as he accepted his award and received praise from the judges!

Hit rapper and judge DEAN said, "This was such a great performance, I didn't even realize time was passing by.  Hangzoo hyung worked so hard." Dynamic Duo's Gaeko agreed saying, "Seriously, all the pros were up in here.  I got goosebumps," praising the performance. Congratulations for the win Hangzoo!

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