Sep 11, 2017 | 22:59 PM EDT

Fans Are Shocked By DIA's Late Appearance Due To Sudden Car Accident

It seemed like another normal day for DIA in the world of K-Pop as they were making their way towards their fan meeting in Incheon. However, they encountered a huge delay after getting involved in a minor car accident.

At first, fans were quite upset with the K-Pop girl group as they didn't show up in time and fans were wondering why they would be late to their own fan signing. However, DIA's agency later posted on their official Instagram the unfortunate news that caused this delay.

The company explained how there was an accident on the highway that caused them to rear end into another vehicle. The post read, "We sincerely apologize for being later than the scheduled time at the fan signing in Goyang due to a minor collision." 

Fans posted their concern for the girl group afterward saying, "So sorry to hear this..." and "Please, don't be hurt DIA!" The girls appeared to not have suffered from any terrible injuries and their label ensured fans that the girls are safe and will continue promotions.

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