Sep 13, 2017 | 09:55 AM EDT

Luna of f(x) Shares Her Thoughts About The Group Disbanding

Fans of f(x) might be feeling a little worried recently after Luna of top girl group f(x) discussed the possibilities of the group disbanding. On September 13th, Luna had an interview with XportNews where she discussed her solo activities for the musical 'Rebecca' and her bandmates.

Luna reflected on the past when the group was almost too busy with their promotions saying, "We used to laugh and cry over the sleepless weeks when we had to drink caffeine to stay awake. Back then, we had to do things even if we didn't want to, but now we can't do things even if we want to."

Now, Luna expresses her worries and shared that this next studio album might just be their last. "Considering that it's been 8 years, we're still young. We don't want to let go of the group f(x), and even if it's our last album, we agreed to perfect it before releasing it."

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Despite the sad news, Luna reassured fans that "However, we were always thinking like that. We don't know when our last will be, but we agreed to make every stage a precious memory." Although there is no official news as to when f(x) will come back as a group, the members continue to focus on their solo activities and Luna revealed she is planning on a solo comeback very soon.

How do you feel after hearing Luna's message about f(x)? Do you think the group will end their career after 8 years or will they still be able to outshine all of these new rookie groups? Stay tuned for more updates.

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