How Does f(x)'s Amber Handle Hate Comments About Her Small Boobs?

Headlines 10.16.17 | 07:56PM EDT

How Does f(x)'s Amber Handle Hate Comments


Luna of f(x) Shares Her Thoughts About The Group Disbanding

Headlines 09.13.17 | 09:55AM EDT

Luna of f(x) Shares Info About The Group Disbanding


Someone Broke Into f(x) Amber's Car & Steals Her Belongings

Hot Issues 08.21.17 | 07:07PM EDT

Someone Broke Into f(x) Amber's Car & Steals Her Belongings


f(x) Amber Becomes A Mom In New YouTube Video?

Headlines 08.08.17 | 10:39AM EDT

f(x) Amber Becomes A Mom In New YouTube Video?


f(x)'s Amber Receives Praise & Thanks From This Other Idol

Headlines 07.27.17 | 06:12PM EDT

f(x)'s Amber Receives Praise & Thanks From This Other Idol


Idols You Didn't Know Owned Cute & Furry Friends

Features 07.24.17 | 11:05PM EDT

Idols You Didn't Know Owned Cute & Furry Friends

Seven idols with unique solo concepts.

Seven Idols Who Had Unique Solo Concepts

Hot Issues 05.12.17 | 12:06PM EDT

Among idols who did solo, seven of them had unique concepts. Take a look at the list here!

Victoria and Amber of f(x) arrive at the Inauguration Ceremony for 'Together For Africa' by South Korea's Red Cross and UNICEF at the Plaza Hotel on August 12, 2011 in Seoul, South Korea.

4 Foreign Idols To Come Up at SBS New Program MCed By Kang Ho Dong

Hot Issues 01.10.17 | 12:12PM EST

4 Foreign idols will come up at the first episode of SBS new program, MCed by kang Ho Dong. They are Momo TWICE, Amber f(x), Kangnam and NCT's Ten. The show is about Korean language proficiensy test for foreign idols.

Krystal for Wkorea in one of her instagram pictures.

F(x) Krystal Is About To Make Her Solo Debut This Year

Hot Issues 01.05.17 | 11:52AM EST

It is reported that Krystal f(x) is about to make her debut this year on February. Amber has made her solo debut in 2015 and Luna had hers in 2016. It is time for Krystal but SM said that the activities haven't been discussed for Krystal solo debut.

[Asian TV Award] 161202 Amber's Performance

21st Asian Television Awards: Amber of F(x), Charli XCX, Dato’ Rossa, Ivy Grace Paredes, JJ Lin perform on same stage

Headlines 12.12.16 | 01:56PM EST

21st Asian Television Award which were held in Singapore this year on December 2. There were various stars like Amber of F(x), Charli XCX, Dato' Rossa, Ivy Grace and JJ, who all performed on the same stage. Amber performed 2 songs: Shake That Brass and Borders.


SM Entertainment Announces Solo Debut For f(x)'s Luna

Headlines 05.24.16 | 11:25PM EDT

Luna will be the second member of f(x) to have a solo album.

EXO's Chen and Heize

EXO's Chen And 'Unpretty Rapstar' Rapper Heize To Collaborate For SM STATION

Headlines 04.04.16 | 11:43PM EDT

EXO's Chen and rapper Heize will collaborate and release a single for SM's music channel project, SM Station.

Amber Gets Real With New Track

Amber Gets Real For New SM Station Track 'Borders'

Headlines 03.26.16 | 10:39PM EDT

According to a personal message written by Amber herself, the song was inspired by her personal experiences and hardships reaching stardom.

SS501 Members Reunite As Double S 301

February K-Pop Comebacks To Look Forward To

Headlines 02.03.16 | 12:32PM EST

This month will see some major returns on the K-pop scene, including acts like SS501 and JYJ.

EXO performing at the Golden Disk Awards

Performances From The Golden Disk Awards: Night 2

Headlines 01.22.16 | 12:31AM EST

Big names such as EXO, BTS, and f(x) entertained the audience at the awards ceremony on January 21.

Amber and Krystal

f(x)'s Amber Embarasses Krystal In Short Clip On Twitter [VIDEO]

Buzz 01.04.16 | 11:03AM EST

The English-speaking duo had fun on camera.

jeon hyun moo

Jeon Hyun Moo Poses With SMTown Winners At The MBC Entertainment Awards

Buzz 12.31.15 | 10:56AM EST

The entertainer shared a picture with EXO members Xiumin, Chanyeol and Suho, as well as f(x)'s Amber and Kim Dong Wan of Shinhwa.

Big Bang Worldwide Fav Award

Trilingual Mnet Asian Music Awards Ceremony Shows K-Pop's Far Reach

Hot Issues 12.04.15 | 10:57AM EST

This year's Mnet Asian Music Awards went out of the way to be more inclusive.


f(x) Amber & Luna sang "It's Only Love" on Sugar Man!

Trendz 11.26.15 | 07:30AM EST

f(x) Amber & Luna sang "It's Only Love" on Sugar Man!

dara, luna, amber

2NE1 Dara Teases f(x)'s Amber And Luna Appearance On 'Sugar Man'

Buzz 11.25.15 | 01:32AM EST

The 2NE1 member gives small hints on what the two f(x) members will probably do on the show!

f(x) 4 Walls teaser

f(x) To Perform 6 Concerts Across Japan This February For Group's 1st Overseas Tour

Headlines 11.18.15 | 12:15PM EST

The SM Entertainment group's tour will follow their first domestic solo concert in January.

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