Sep 21, 2017 | 17:33 PM EDT

Why Did This Idol Show Her Bra On Stage?

'K-Pop Idols Gone Wild' might just become a real thing if these idols continue to amp up the sex appeal just for fans and views. Recently, a member of BP Rania was seen flashing her bra on stage and, although the crowd was loving it, some netizens were disgusted.

During the girl group's song "Make Me Ah," the girls can be seen dropping it low and lifting up their shirts to usually reveal tight-fitting tank tops as part of their choreography. However, during an outdoor performance, member Jieun was spotted lifting up her shirt and flashing the crowd.

Fans uploaded various comments to the video saying "Idols have no shame" and "They will do anything for attention now... even adding and removing international members after using them for props." The hate against BP Rania is still running strong after the controversy involving member Alex.

Check out BP Rania's jaw-dropping performance down below and let us know if you think it was on purpose or a simple wardrobe malfunction as BP Rania claimed it to be.

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