Sep 21, 2017 | 18:08 PM EDT

Did AOA's Jimin Get Cosmetic Enhancements or Is She Naturally Changing?

Did AOA's Jimin recently get cosmetic enhancements or is she just naturally changing? That has been the thought running through fan's minds recently after seeing some recent photos of the idol.

Compared to her usual, more-fuller look, the idol appears rather thin, paler and more doll-like with her large eyes. AOA's Jimin recently uploaded more photos to her Instagram that had fans questioning her appearance as well.

Fans are speculating that it might be the angle or lighting of her photos. Others suggested she must have gone on a diet as they can notice her face has gotten thinner. Netizens have left comments on her new look saying, "Don't be delusional... she got work done," and "There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery... just admit it since everyone does it." Perhaps AOA is planning another comeback soon and that explains her recent change? View more photos of Jimin down below and share your thoughts on her new look.

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