Sep 22, 2017 | 18:05 PM EDT

Sulli Pulls Another Prank & Becomes The Center Of Attention On Instagram Yet Again

Sulli is in the spotlight yet again for another interesting Instagram post that captured the attention of fans and netizens alike. She shared three new photos throughout the day that had fans surprised and laughing in the end after her big reveal.

This time, Sulli pulled a prank on her followers by uploading a picture of her with shorter, platinum blonde hair. The caption reads, "Huh?" which is a gesture of her mocking fans sudden surprise. As expected fans left comments such as, "Omo," and "You dyed it???"

A moment later, she uploaded another photo showcasing a shorter black bob with the caption reading, "I tricked ya!" Fans were shocked by her sudden transformation and laughed in agreement that she did fool them all. However, Sulli wasn't done just yet! She pulled the ultimate prank with the photo down below.

Her last photo shows her rocking her usual hairstyle and look with a newer caption saying "I tricked you, again!" It looks like Sulli never cut her hair at all and was just having a fun day at the salon and wig shop! What do you think of Sulli's hilarious prank on Instagram?

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