Sep 25, 2017 | 09:02 AM EDT

B1A4's Baro Shares He Was So Poor As A Trainee He Couldn't Afford A Train Ticket

On a recent episode of KBS2 'Hello' B1A4's Baro was a special guest and revealed that there was a time that he was so poor that he couldn't even afford a train ticket, which shocked the cast completely. 

During the special, Baro stated that as a trainee he had struggled financially - especially during the group's debut days. He told the story of how he needed to travel to Busan but couldn't because the ticket was too expensive until an old man had helped him during his poor period.

 "I did not have any money during my training. A train ticket was only 30,000 won, and I complained that some uncle in the subway used Busan dialect and was not able to go to Busan because there was no money." However, there is one funny experience to this sad story that had the cast laughing as well.

"He gave me 30,000 won for that hard time before, and he did exactly the same thing to me again just a month later. So, in my mind, I wondered, 'Do not you remember me? I said I could not go to Busan and still can't go.'" It seems this man was very generous to Baro! Do you think he was able to ever repay him?

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