Sep 26, 2017 | 18:41 PM EDT

This Drama Was So Scary It Gave The Actress Nightmares

The recently finished drama 'Save Me,' has been quite a hot topic among fans, especially for its interesting ending. However, no one would expect the drama to be so intensively scary that even the actors and actresses had nightmares!

Actress Seo Ye Ji had revealed in an exclusive interview that she had developed some fears from the drama during her time filming it. The actress told OSEN News that, "I moved out of my house and lived alone two weeks prior to filming. I spent most of my time indoors and listened to depressing music," she said.

She continued and explained, "I literally became Sang Mi (during filming). Soon, I found myself feeling sorry for myself. I was so angry by the religious cult that I often cried endlessly." But this was just the beginning of her problems, she then admitted, "I was afraid after experiencing gawi on a daily basis all alone. I couldn't move my body and it felt like someone or something was chasing me (in my dream) and pounding on the door," recalling the chilling moment. 

The actress even admitted during her preparation and after the drama was completed that she suffered from depression. It seems Seo Ye Ji became a little bit too invested in her role. She is currently taking time off to recover from the chilling aftermath of filming 'Save Me.'

What do you think of Seo Ye Ji's terrifying experience and the storyline for the hit drama? Share your thoughts down below!

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