Sep 26, 2017 | 21:15 PM EDT

BTS' Jin Is Known For Opening Bags Of Candy... With His Feet?

There are lots of talented idols in this world, and BTS Jin is one of them! However odd the talent may be, Jin impressed many fans and viewers with his uncanny ability to open candy bags with great speed only using his feet (as shown above)!

During a recent airing of 'Knowing Brothers,' BTS were special guests and Jin decided that now was the time to showcase his incredible abilities. He even challenged the rest of the show's cast to see if they could handle doing the unthinkable!

Jin took on each host one at a time but, as expected, the talented in came out on top! Who knew his feet would prove to be so - handy (Get it)? The hosts even joked that he must be practicing this odd hobby at home during his spare time, especially because his feet are so nimble! Check out the full video down below and see if you could take on Jin if yu had the chance!

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