Sep 27, 2017 | 07:49 AM EDT

Heize Dies of Laughter While Performing Because of One Extreme Uncle Fan

Singer Heize is known for maintaining a mellow and chic atmosphere which only enhances her chill and casual concept. However, she recently got the on-stage giggles as one uncle fan cheered her on in a way no other fan ever could!

During the '2017 Joy Olpark Festival' performance of "Don't Come Back," an energetic uncle fan was spotted in a neon green stop screaming, dancing and throwing up heart signs and the lovely singer. His display of emotions became quite the spectacle and had fans as well as Heize herself laughing hysterically.

The uncle fan was so funny, that Heize burst into laughter twice! At one point she even had to cover her eyes so she could continue getting through the song! Fortunately, Heize maintained her professionalism and was able to finish the song effortlessly! Watch how funny Heize's adoring fan is as well as her best efforts to maintain her composure in the video down below t the 2:18 mark!

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