Oct 02, 2017 | 11:08 AM EDT

Fans Wonder Who BTS' V Is Dating After Seeing This Photo

First, BTS V was spotted having a brunch with a top female actress and now he is seen eating out with another mystery girl yet again! Now fans are questioning if he is involved in a mysterious and secret relationship?

BTS has jokingly posted photos of having a mysterious girlfriend in the past and fans immediately noticed that the body frame and hairstyle looks surprisingly similar to the first photos he had posted. Come to find out, the speculations were true and this "mystery girl" is the same person - a popular trainee from 'Produce IOI Season 2.'

Turns out it is 'Produce IOI' trainee Jang Moon Bok, the gorgeous man who is known for his lovely, long flowing hair. Although he had made a dramatic transformation back in July by cutting his long hair into a shockingly short cut, it seems he is back to his original style and growing out his beautiful hair again (Thank goodness)! 

Everyone is happy to see that Jang Moon Bok is not only growing his hair back and keeping a close relationship with BTS member V but also relieved that V is still single and is not caught up in any scandalous dating rumors! Keep enjoying those lunches, boys! 

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