Oct 04, 2017 | 21:53 PM EDT

How Did Fans React To Seo In Guk's Explanation Regarding His Military Leave?

On October 4th, Seo In Guk had shared crucial and personal information regarding his health and military status. The lengthy letter (which can be viewed here), was shared earlier today and received mostly negative results from netizens - with some even calling him a liar.

The letter (also shown partially above) expressed his strong will to recover, desire to enlist and fulfill his military duties for his country as well as his status regarding his health and overall illness. After a long period of silence, due to the fear of hate he would receive, it seems the hate was waiting for him in the shadows. 

Sources stated that the malicious commentary was never-ending, with netizens saying, ".Stop lying... If you want to enlist then all you had to do was not submit the hospital papers... The military physical exams are not that nice enough to go over the hospital records... I mean, if you're really ill... then you could still go as ill...", "He's probably screaming 'hell yeah' inside", "He tried so hard not to enlist", "What a lengthy bs", "Enlist after you finish treatment", "And he was in the jungle couple months ago with that 'poor condition'", "Bullsh*t. My husband wasn't exempt under the same condition." 

It seems poor health isn't an excuse to dodge your military responsibilities anymore - especially when it comes to idols. Netizens even compared this situation to Yoo Ah In's medical leave. What do you think of this conflicting circumstance? Should Seo In Guk continue to recover in order to serve his mandatory enlisting or his he simply utilizing his 'idol-privilege' to dodge the bullet?

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