Oct 04, 2017 | 23:57 PM EDT

The Weirdest Korean Pizza Toppings To Ever Exist

Korea has some wild pizza flavors and toppings that will have you either highly intrigued or shaking your head in disgust. While to Americans pizza is a thing of the norm, to Koreans it is a creative platform of flavor and overall delicacy. Check out these shocking pizzas down below and let us know which ones you were tempted to try or toss in the trash. 

Honey Gorgonzola

Think of a fine, thin layered crust served with gorgonzola cheese, melted on top of cranberries, peppers and topped with blueberries and honey! Quite a tasty treat.

Meaty Paradise

Any meat in existence is living n this pizza; galbi, bulgogi, spam, bacon and more alongside some mayo-ketchup combos!

Corn Cheese

An odd delicacy in Korea is literally corn, cheese, butter, and mayonnaise infused together as a topping. Enjoy.

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Sweet Potato Mousse

It may sound iffy, but the sweet potato mousse paired with a cheesy crust is an absolute dream! Don't knock it till you try it! You can even get ones with entire chunks of potato on it as well.


Fruit can go on pizza, too! And, it is even better when served atop a cookie crust.


This isn't a regular seafood pizza, toppings such as squid and even whole shrimps can be found on this seafood island of cheese.


Koreans love their rice so it is no surprise to find this staple making its way into a pizza dish! From crust to topping, it is one giant rice cake! All that's missing is ramen pizza.

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