Oct 06, 2017 | 23:00 PM EDT

U.S. Remake of 'Doctor Good' Set To Be Released With Bonus Episodes

First, Netflix was on the K-Drama hype of creating their very own variety program and the attempt of cultivating Korean hits and presenting into American culture doesn't stop at that! Now, ABC family network has joined in on the fun and has decided to remake 'Doctor Good' with bonus content!

While the original drama had only 13 episodes, the American remake has extended the storyline to a whopping 18 episodes! According to reports, "'The Good Doctor' aired on ABC on September 25th, and gained 2.2 percent in viewership ratings. The second episode, which aired on October 2nd, showed an increased viewership of 2.4 percent." ABC continued to reveal that, "'The Good Doctor' will continue to grab American viewer's attention."

While most remakes aren't as great as the original, both Korean and international fans who have extensive knowledge in K-culture and dramas feel the drama was well-represented and fitting for American viewers. An American representative named Yoo Gun Shik from KBS also proudly stated, "Viewership ratings normally drop in the second week, but 'The Good Doctor' saw an increase in ratings."

Can we expect the American version to outshine the original? Don't forget to watch episode 3 and stay tuned for more updates!

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