Oct 09, 2017 | 16:31 PM EDT

Jay Park Discusses His 'Freedom As A Rapper' on CNN Interview

Jay Park(30) has always been a talented rapper, world-renowned hip-hop singer, and producer that has gained a lot of respect from international fans. Now, the rapper proves his immense popularity in the U.S after an interview on CNN which discussed his career as a rapper and establishing his own company AOMG.

"I finally got the freedom to do what I want to do," said Jay Park during his interview. "It was really hard to sacrifice my life in Seattle and do things I did not know at all."

As many already know, Jay Park was born in the U.S.A (Seattle to be exact) and was originally a member of 2PM under JYP Entertainment when he debuted in 2008 in Korea. While there was a lot of controversy during his time in the group due to a MySpace post regarding Korean culture as being "strict and gay," Jay Park expressed, "I could not express myself as an artist much in the group system while belonging to the company. My passion became hard work and training from 10 am - 10 pm."

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However, years later, Jay Park has become a successful producer of his own company AOMG which is home to many popular rappers such as Loco and Gray. Now, Jay Park has another achievement under his belt this year after signing a label contract with Jay Z. He has become the first Asian musician to be established by Jay-Z, who is also in charge of managing American pop stars including Liana, DJ Khalid, Shakira, Jay Cole and Vixen.

Before finishing the interview, Jay Park revealed his current work projects saying, "I am participating in the second season of 'Asia's Got Talent' and after the success of my last album, 'Everything You Wanted,' I plan to release a new one by next year." He also revealed his desire to work with the popular pop star Liana as well. You can find more info from the interview with CNN HERE!

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