Justin Park Reveals His Thoughts After Touring With f(x) Amber and His Recent MV

Hot Issues 03.02.19 | 08:49PM EST

Justin Park Reveals His Thoughts For Touring With f(x) Amber and Recent MV

A.C.E. Graces K-Expo 2018 Stage

A.C.E Talks Adventures, Emotions and More at K-EXPO 2018 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Interviews 10.11.18 | 11:31AM EDT

Big smiles and positive energy radiated throughout the room as they sat with us, donned in bold graphics and dynamic reds that perfectly matched their personalities.


Exclusive Interview With BTS Album Composer Melanie Fontana

Hot Issues 09.09.18 | 08:37PM EDT

Exclusive Interview With BTS Album Composer Melanie Fontana


BuzzFeed Have A Laugh With BTS & EXID During Mini Interview

Hot Issues 06.04.18 | 01:53PM EDT

BuzzFeed Have A Laugh With BTS & EXID During Mini Interview


Grazy Grace Gets Even Crazier In Our Exclusive Interview

Interviews 05.19.18 | 05:25PM EDT

Crazy Grace Gets Even Crazier In Our Exclusive Interview


Jay Park Discusses His 'Freedom As A Rapper' on CNN Interview

Headlines 10.09.17 | 04:31PM EDT

Jay Park Discusses His 'Freedom As A Rapper' on CNN Interview

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Jung Kyung Ho Dating

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Jung Kyung Ho Dating: ‘Gangster High’ Actor Reveals He Almost Lost Sooyoung For This Reason

Interviews 05.01.17 | 07:12PM EDT

Jung Kyung Ho opens up about how he maintains a long relationship with Sooyoung in an interview with Woman Sense Magazine.

Park Min Young

Park Min Young Reveals The Reason She Doesn’t Want To Commit In A Relationship

Hot Issues 04.29.17 | 11:43AM EDT

Park Min Young is cautious to have a new romance now that she's in her 30s. The "City Hunter" actress revealed that her dating history pretty has caused her that way.

Lee Joon Gi, Jeon Hye Bin Dating

Lee Joon Gi, Jeon Hye Bin Dating: ‘Queen Insoo’ Actress Never Thought She & Lee Joon Gi Would End Up Together

Stars on TV / Movies 04.28.17 | 09:03PM EDT

On the latest episode of "Happy Together", Jeon Hye Bin reveals the real story how she ends up with Lee Joon Gi.

HyunA On Her Sexy Image

HyunA Feels Comfortable With Her Sexy Image

Interviews 04.27.17 | 05:56AM EDT

Hyuna opens up about exposing skin and sexy image on a new variety show "Triple H Detective Agency".

Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young Opens Up About Social Isolation She Suffered In High School

Hot Issues 04.25.17 | 01:36PM EDT

Park Bo Young recently unveils the reason behind her low self-esteem. It turns out that she was once bullied by her high school friends.

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki Dating Rumor

Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo Dating: Song-Song Couple To Tie The Knot After ‘DOTS’ 2? ‘The Innocent Man’ Actor Fantasizes Of Building Perfect Family

Hot Issues 04.25.17 | 01:28PM EDT

Song Joong Ki recently unveils his future goal: being a good husband and father. Meanwhile, his alleged girlfriend, Song Hye Kyo is still battling commitment issue. Will the wedding bell ring for SongSong couple?

Shim Mina

Mina Broke Down In Tears As She Revealed The Struggle Of Dating Younger Guy

Interviews 04.14.17 | 08:33PM EDT

Singer Shim Mina shared what it feels like to date a man 17 years younger in an interview with OSEN.

Lee Sung Kyung

US Fashion Magazine Dubbed Lee Sung Kyung As South Korea’s Gigi Hadid

Interviews 04.07.17 | 05:30AM EDT

Judging by her Instagram popularity, Lee Sung Kyung deserves to be in the same spot as Gigi Hadid, at least that's what W Magazine said about her.

Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung Receives Massive Backlash From SONE Following Recent Interview With Marie Claire Taiwan

Hot Issues 03.28.17 | 09:42AM EDT

Jessica Jung's confession in Marie Claire Taiwan interview has lit a fire to Girls' Generation fans. Many SONEs were upset with Jessica Jung's statement about her former group.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Quotes Famous Line From ‘Goblin’ When Asked About Jessica Jung

Hot Issues 03.24.17 | 04:04AM EDT

Sooyoung recently sat down for an interview with Sports DongA. The singer reveals some pretty interesting things about her journey with Girls' Generation and Jessica Jung's departure from the group.

Suzy Bae

Suzy Bae Talks Her Long-life Journey In Search Of Happiness

Hot Issues 03.22.17 | 05:07AM EDT

Suzy Bae recently opened up about the hardship of being an idol that she has to endure.

Lee Se Young

‘The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop’ Actress Lee Se Young Would Kill For Life Experience As Non-Celebrity

Hot Issues 03.06.17 | 07:50AM EST

Lee Se Young revealed she once did a lot of things just to know what it feels like to be having a normal childhood.

Sandara Park

Sandara Park Opens Up About Her Insecurities, Calls Herself The Least Talented Member Of 2NE1

Headlines 01.18.17 | 09:19PM EST

In an interview with "Talking Street," 2NE1's Sandara Park opens up about her insecurities while she was a part of 2NE1.

@star1 magazine cover January 2017 issue

Did Suho ever regret debuting as EXO?

Headlines 12.23.16 | 02:04AM EST

EXO"s leader Suho is featured on @star1 magazine. He reminiscences about his 5 years career together with one of Korea's biggest boygroups.

Still image from the interview with Jin-Young. The backdrop in Hangul read  “Kkot Jin-Young” which means “Flower boy Jin-Young.”

B1A4 member Jinyoung admits Park Bo-Gum is a really nice guy in KBS “Entertainment Weekly” [VIDEO]

Interviews 10.31.16 | 08:27PM EDT

B14A Idol group member Jinyoung discussed his role as Kim Yoon-Sung in “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” in an interview with Kim Jung-Ah. He also shared the song he wrote for one of the OST.

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