Oct 13, 2017 | 21:09 PM EDT

How Are Fans Reacting To Suzy's Role + Storyline Development in 'While You Were Sleeping'?

With the new SBS drama 'While You Were Sleeping' is already wrapping up its 10th episode, fans are sharing their thoughts and opinions on the development of the characters and storyline overall on various posts and SNS. The question is, are viewers satisfied with the drama and has it gone above and beyond expectation or is it a bust?

The drama has already shared various climaxes with fans - from Suzy jumping off of a building to the sudden near-death experience of character Hong Joo's mother (not to mention the love triangle between the leads). Now, the drama only has a few episodes left after hitting its midway mark. Fans, although overwhelmed by the compelling storyline, shared just how much they are enjoying the drama in Korea.

However, it appears some international fans aren't pleased by the drama and considered it boring on certain standards. Some are even comparing newly released dramas such as '20th Century Girls & Boys' to be more captivating than the storyline of 'While You Were Sleeping.' While the drama is gaining mixed reviews, Korean's feel the show explore's Suzy's acting abilities whereas some feel that Suzy makes the drama entirely.

What do you think of the drama's current situation and overall development? Is it coming to a staggering halt and barely making it to the top or is it more compelling than fans and viewers would make you believe?

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