While You Were Sleeping


How Are Fans Reacting To Suzy's Role + Storyline Development in 'While You Were Sleeping'?

Headlines 10.13.17 | 09:09PM EDT

How Are Fans Reacting To Suzy's Role in 'While You Were Sleeping'?


Lee Jong Suk and Suzy Open Up About Filming For 'While You Were Sleeping'

Hot Issues 09.26.17 | 09:50PM EDT

Lee Jong Suk and Suzy Open Up About Filming For 'While You Were Sleeping'

Lee Min Ho And Suzy Bae Relationship

Lee Min Ho, Suzy Bae Dating: Suzy Is Happy Without Lee Min Ho, ‘Gu Family Book’ Actress Gets Married At 31?

Hot Issues 05.29.17 | 06:32AM EDT

Suzy gets drunk with her friends and talks about his first kiss on an episode of "Off The Record". While rumors about her Lee Min Ho getting married don't seem to stop anytime soon, the "Gu Family Book" actress reveals that she might get married when she turns 31 years old.

Suzy is expected to have her own agency.

Suzy's Contract With JYP Entertainment Ended: The Singer Actress Is Expected To Have Her Own Agency

Headlines 04.25.17 | 03:24AM EDT

Suzy is expected to have her own agency after her contract with JYP ends. Check out more here!

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk To Begin Shooting For Supernatural Drama 'While You Were Sleeping'

Headlines 03.01.17 | 07:15AM EST

Lee Jong Suk is ready to start filming for supernatural drama "While You Were Sleeping" where he stars as a prosecutor who tries to prevent crime from happening with the help of a woman who can dream of the events before they happen.

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong-suk ends Asian tour with White Day presents for Thai fans

Stars on TV / Movies 02.28.17 | 02:49PM EST

Hallyu star Lee Jong-suk made his final stop in Thailand. He promised to return to the country.

Suzy and Lee Min Ho [ Love Story 3 ] 수지 & 이민호

Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae Wedding Update: 7 Years Before Wedding Bells Ring for Korea's It Couple?

Buzz 02.17.17 | 06:31AM EST

Suzy Bae says she might get married at the age of 31 while Lee Min Ho says he is already to elope with girlfriend and get married. Suzy Bae releases solo album and gets cast in new drama While You Were Sleeping with Lee Jong Suk while rumors of City Hunter 2 with Park Shin Hye won't die for Lee Min Ho.

Making! Han Hyo joo Lee Jong Suk W-Two Worlds DMC Festival Challenge the Best Couple Award MV

Top 2016 Kdramas Considered For Possible Sequel: 'DOTS 2,' 'Goblin,' 'W'; Check Out Lee Jong Suk, Suzy Bae Upcoming 2017 Drama

Trending News 01.26.17 | 12:28AM EST

While fans are still hoping for a "W - Two Worlds" sequel, Lee Jong Suk's new drama, "While You Were Sleeping," will be aired this year.

Lee Jong Suk and Suzy To Star Together in ‘While You Were Sleeping’ Plus To Start Filming Next Year

[Confirmed] Lee Jong Suk, Suzy to star together in ‘While You Were Sleeping’ plus filming starts next year

Trending News 11.28.16 | 03:30AM EST

It has been confirmed that Lee Jong Suk and Suzy will star together in SBS new drama "While You Were Sleeping." They will start filming the said drama next year.


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