Oct 16, 2017 | 19:03 PM EDT

NU'EST W Impress With Huge Sales In Their First Week + Break Records

Ever since the individual member's rise in popularity due to the hit idol survival program 'Produce IOI Season 2,' the boy group NU'EST have been simply climbing to the top. ow, their sub-unit group NU'EST W have earned an impressive amount of first-week sales for their new album and even broke a record to boot.

NU'EST W's first sub-unit album 'W,HERE,' alongside their promotion track and MV "Where You At," was released on October 10th and already sold over 205,000 copies! Not only did they sell quite a large amount but the boy group has now been officially crowned the first sub-unit group to have the most album sales! Talk about making history.

"Where You At" has already gained over 4 Million views in its first week and has become one of the group's more popular songs to date. The synthetic, echo-y instrumental paired alongside the shouting, energizing vocals makes the song "Where You At" compelling and interesting with every listen. It is no surprise that fans are falling in love wit the song - take a listen to the sweet track down below.

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For those who don't know about NU'EST W. Original member Minhyun ranked 9th and in 'Produce IOI' and became a member of the temporary boy group Wanna One. Due to the nature of the contract given to all the winners, Minhyun will promote as a member of Wanna One until December 2018, after which he will return to promote as a regular member of NU'EST again.

The remaining four members began promoting as subgroup NU'EST W until Minhyun's return. The "W" stands for "wait", meaning the waiting of Minhyun's return to promote with the group as NU'EST. 

Congratulations to NU'EST W!

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