Oct 23, 2017 | 08:44 AM EDT

This Idol Wants To Learn From BTS' Suga

BTS are inspirational figures in the K-Pop industry. It goes without saying that the group has influenced K-Pop and taught many about the unique genre over the years. Now, even idols are looking up to the group and trying to learn from - with that one idol, in particular, being EPIK HIGH's Tablo!

Recently, Tablo shared a photo of a text message conversation between him and BTS' Suga on Instagram and fans found it adorable that Tablo was so willing to learn from his dongsaeng Suga. As the messages continued, fans started to laugh at the casual banter the two shared and how Suga warns Tablo his "bones might break."

The messages started out with Tablo asking, "Hey, I'm serious, I really want to learn the BTS 'Fire' dance hehehe," To which Suga replied, "Sure,  can teach you the dance but your bones might break." After Suga then asks Tablo what the reason for learning the dance was, Tablo comically (yet bashfully) replied, "I said I would learn a crazy dance for my concert." Suga was all laughs after that!

Fans are hoping Tablo can perfect the dance in time for his upcoming concert! Are you excited to see Tablo rock the stage in BTS fashion? Stay tuned for more updates.

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