BTS Weverse: Hobi Goes on Reply Spree, Challenges an ARMY to Play Squid Game With Him

(Photo : Hobi (Twitter))

BTS J-Hope interacts with ARMYs as he goes on a Weverse reply spree today! On the official fan community platform, Hobi answered various fan questions, revealed his TMI of the day, talked about "Squid Game," teased his fans for their upcoming concert, and more!

(Photo : Hobi (Twitter))

On October 8, ARMYs flocked to Weverse to get a chance to have a direct interaction with BTS J-Hope.

In particular, J-Hope, or also known as Hobi, took the time to communicate with his fans through their official fan community while on his way for a schedule.

BTS Hobi Steals Fans' Hearts with His Latest Selfie + Reveals His TMI of the Day

Earlier, the BTS member posted a selfie on Weverse with the caption, "ARMY that I miss," which attracted the attention of the whole fandom.

(Photo : Hobi (Twitter))

In the photo, the "Daydream" singer flaunted his natural visual in white clothes. His beauty stands out even more with his gorgeous purple hair!

A fan commented, "I miss you, too, Hobi. By the way, what's up with this picture? Is it the POV that we are falling into Hobi?"

As a response, Hobi cutely said, "You will (Hobmyeodeunda)," even doing a play to his words which means, "fall for Hobi."

(Photo : Hobi (Twitter))

As his reply spree went on, a fan asked him, "What is your TMI today, Hobi?" J-Hope responded, "I'm going on a treatment because of 'wart'."

Upon saying that he's under medical treatment, ARMYs expressed their "get well soon" messages for him, another fan even suggested the idol get a laser treatment.

Hobi then said, "I'm getting injection treatment, I was almost fainting."

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BTS Hobi Challenges a Fan to Play 'Ttakji' from 'Squid Game' with Him

(Photo : Hobi (Twitter))

Meanwhile, Hobi apparently watched the worldwide hit Netflix's series, "Squid Game," and playfully asked a fan to play "ttakji" with him.

For those who have already watched "Squid Game," it is the same game that actor Lee Jung Jae played along with Gong Yoo, who made a special appearance in the show.

(Photo :

A fan then sent the meme about him being invited to "Squid Game" without him knowing. With the hilarious meme, Hobi replied, "What.... hahaha What is this hahaha."

To where he is going, J-Hope answered, "I'm going to a schedule. We seem like we don't do anything but we work on something hard."

Lastly, regarding their concert in the U.S., he said, "We will meet you soon."

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